SWIT S-8183A 240Wh vysokonapěťová baterie

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S-8183A 240Wh vysokonapěťová baterie (5)
  • S-8183A 240Wh vysokonapěťová baterie (5)
  • S-8183A 240Wh High Load Gold Mount Battery Pack (1)
  • S-8183A 240Wh High Load Gold Mount Battery Pack (2)
  • S-8183A 240Wh High Load Gold Mount Battery Pack (3)
  • S-8183A 240Wh High Load Gold Mount Battery Pack (4)

Vysokonapěťová Li-ion baterie 180W s konstantním výkonem 15A Pomocí vysokorychlostní baterie S-8183A můžete získat konstantní výkon MAX 180W / 15A, který dokáže snadno ovládat více výkonných videokamer, osvětlovacích těles… Více informací

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S-8183A 240Wh
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Adopt High-Load Li-ion Cells

Max 180W, 15A constant power output

Perfect for high draw power application

Normal Li-ion batteries offer 100W/8A output and suitable for most ENG cameras, but the Cine Cameras such as ALEXA require around 85W high draw which is too heavy for the normal Li-ion batteries: the battery life will be reduced if long time full draw powering. Moreover, if there’re monitor, lighting work together, and total power will be above 100W, and the normal batteries can not draw completely.

Using S-8183A high-load battery, you can get MAX 180W/15A constant power output, which can drive more high power cameras, lightings and other equipments easily, and won’t reduce battery life during long time high power output.

240Wh / 16.7Ah High Capacity


Consists of 24pcs 18650 battery cells, and reaches 240Wh / 16.7Ah high capacity.

Can run approx 8 hours for normal 30W ENG cameras; and approx 2.5 hours for ARRI Alexa camera

6A Fast Charging

S-8183A supports 6A fast charging, to save more than 50% charging time, can be charged from 0 to 80% after 2.5 hours, and fully charged within 3.8 hours. 

Build-in D-tap DC Output Socket

A D-tap DC output socket is equipped on the top side of S-8183A battery, for DC14.4V (Nominate) connection, such as on-camera lights, monitors, wireless transmitter, etc. The Max Power from D-tap is 120W, 10A.

4-level LED Power Indicator

On the side of the battery, there’re 4-level LED power indicators to check the battery remaining capacity. You can get a quick view of capacity before using.

Adopted high quality Lithium cells

Over more than 15 years, SWIT has been leading brand of broadcast camera batteries. The first reason is the high quality Lithium cells we adopted. 

The high quality cells featured long life, durable, safety, and most of all, the cells has very little difference to each other, which ensures the high performance of the whole battery pack.

Moreover, the cells we’re using, have a smooth discharging curve by voltage, so that you can judge the remaining running time accordingly. Also when in storage, the self-discharging rates are very little, that extends the battery life effectively.

Strong and Durable Housing

Adopt the thicker and wider nickel slice to solder the cells, minimize the voltage drop, dissipate heating, and enhance the assembly intensity. The cells are arranged as triangular structure in the battery pack, stable and anti-shock. The cell holder inside can protect the cells pack, and separate the circuit board from the cells, to keep the boards away from internal pressure and ensure a stable working.

Multiple Safety Protection Design

The battery has an MCU to measure and record the real time data, and will cut off power when over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high-temperature of low-temperature is detected. Meanwhile, the battery housing adopts high-impact ABS material, with waist design and non-slip tread for secure handling.

Cell balance adjustment

After the batteries are used for a period of time, the cells voltage might get difference, and our specially designed circuit can optimize the imbalanced cells, to prolong the battery life.


Nominal Voltage 14.4V
Capacity 240Wh/16.7Ah
Max output power 180W
Max output current 15A
Mount Type Gold mount
Operation Temperature 0-40°C
Net weight Approx 1.3kg
Dimensions 165×90×68mm
S-8183A 240Wh High Load Gold Mount Battery Pack (1) S-8183A 240Wh High Load Gold Mount Battery Pack (2) S-8183A 240Wh High Load Gold Mount Battery Pack (3) S-8183A 240Wh High Load Gold Mount Battery Pack (4)
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